Aluminum Grating

Aluminum bar grating provides a lightweight alternative to it's steel counterpart. With it's different corrosion characteristics, Aluminum has a wide range of uses.



Aluminum Bar Grating

Aluminum bar grating is a good choice when lightweight, corrosion resistant material is desired.  Aluminum bar grating comes in many options such as: rectangular bar, I-bar, flush top, riveted.  Bearing bar sizes range from 1" x 1/8" through 2-1/2" x 3/16" in 1/4" depth increments.  Bearing bar spacing of 7/16" through 1-3/16" with cross bars available at 2" or 4" centers.  Where skid resistance is desired, a serrated surface can be provided on rectangular bar grating.


Press-Locked Rectangular Bar Grating

This grating is constructed with two close-tolerance slotted bars bonded together (positioned every 2" or 4") using tremendous hydraulic pressure.  Permanent locking is achieved by forcing the deep cross bar into the bearing bar.  Both the cross bars and bearing bars provide walking surfaces in the press-locked design.  Rectangular bar grating in either swage-locked or press-locked styles is your best choice when lateral stiffness is required.  The rectangular bars are also offered with a serrated surface for additional traction and safety.  


Swage Locked Bar Grating

Swage-locked aluminum grating is manufactured with either an "I" or rectangular bearing bar.  These bearing bars are permanently locked to the cross rods with a swaging process which reshapes the cross rods.  Because of flange width, I-bars reduce the open spaces of the grating, yet I-bar swage-locked is lighter weight and maintains load ratings.  Swage-locked I-bar grating is the most widely used and provides the strength equal to a rectangular bar of the same depth, but at far less weight. Rectangular swage-locked is available with the cross rods flush with the top of the bearing bars, or with the cross rods near the middle of the bearing bar.  These options are available if a specific look is desired.


Stair Treads

Aluminum stair treads, due to their light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, rust proof and non sparkling properties, are ideally suited for corrosive environments, food preparation and storage areas, and volatile areas.  Swage-locked I-bar treads offer you high strength at less weight.  Rectangular bar, press-locked or swage-locked, provide higher strength and stiffness-to weight ratio and are available with a serrated surface when additional safety is required.  All stair treads are custom fabricated to meet the size, width and length specifications of a particular job.  In addition, standard end plates or custom fabricated end plates can be used to meet any bolt hole size or location requirements.  Different types of nosing are available to add a definitive visible edge and slip resistance for extra safety.