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Why do we recommend Fiberglass Structure?

Many projects require custom fiberglass structural designs for platforms, catwalks, stairs, ladders, walkways, etc. We've seen them all.​

Our fiberglass shop is equipped to produce any design to the highest quality.

We stock one of the industry's most comprehensive lines of FRP profiles.

Won't Rot, Rust or Corrode: Our fiberglass reinforced structural shapes offer the strength of traditional building materials

with a longer life cycle.

Wont' Shrink, Swell, Warp or Bow: Hot or cold, wet or dry, FRP structural members remain dimensionally stable.

Easy, Quick Installation: Fiberglass structural shapes can be cut, drilled and assembled using standard tools.

Options and Applications: Options include NSF certification, UV inhibitors, fire-retardant resin and more.

Popular Colors: Green, Gray, Beige and Yellow.

With access to engineering services, years of experience over hundreds of custom projects, and a facility designed with structure in mind we have you covered from start to finish.

Because of the nature of these types of products, we ask that you reach out to us via

EMAIL ( or by PHONE (800-368-4243) to work on your project together.

Information regarding Trenches & Pedestal systems can be found on our resource page.

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